Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my pictures?

For digital pictures, most of the time they are ready to download within about ten minutes. You should receive an email letting you know they're ready with a link to your download page. If a couple races have gone online at once it may take a few hours for your pictures to be ready. If it's been 24 hours and you haven't seen an email from us, check your spam box and then email Support (at) and we'll send you your link.

Print processing normally takes 2-3 business days. Prints are sent to you using 1st class postage. You should receive an email letting you know they're being processed.

How long are my pictures available for download after purchase?

Short answer — one week. Long answer — we'd really like to host your pictures indefinitely, but we don't have unlimited server space. From the time your pictures are ready to download, you can access them for at least one week using the download page (the page you see after purchasing pictures). We'll also email you a link to the download page. Race pictures are available to purchase for 6 months following the race

Do you sell prints?

Yes! We provide you with the option of downloading digital pictures or ordering prints directly from us.

Why aren't pictures up right when the race is over?

After each race, we have around 20,000 pictures to sort through. We process them, make thumbnails, upload them to our site, and go through them sorting by bib number and time. It takes around 48 hours to get them sorted and online. We send out an email when they're up and post a message on Facebook.

Help! Can you help me find my pictures?!

  • Try searching by your name or bib number.
  • If you ran with someone else, try using their name or bib number.
  • Try the Lost and Found search. This section is sorted by station and approximate time.
  • If all else fails, email us, we're happy to help you find yourself (in a non-existential sort of way, we're just photographers).

What if I buy my pictures and they're blurry?

Please see our Guarantee!

Are you hiring photographers?

We are. Please click this link: